Если Вы столкнулись с Интернет-угрозой, Вы можете обратиться на Линию помощи или на Горячую линию

About the project

Digital technologies are the intergal part of our daily life. And the most important expectation for our life is to live in a positive and safe way. Therefore, ensuring Internet safety is one of the most important current tasks.

Safe and positive digital world is not just special protection software. This is primarily the positive content, awareness about online safety and public consensus on the norms of behavior on the Web. It is also the partnership between digital industry, decision-makers and civil society for ensuring safer and positive environment. And, of course, digital tools and services that are to help people in almost any problematic situation.

In 2008, the project «Safer Internet Centre» was launched in Russia for these purposes, which later became known as «NeDopusti!». The expanded functionality of the new project provides full scale of safety features for digital users, both young and aged, and is based on new technical features and functions.

Safer Internet Centre — NeDopusti! is aimed to provide awareness-raising in safer and positive use of digital environment, to promote the development of positive content and its popularization, to help in takedown of illegal content, and provide consulting in digital-related issues. Special focus is on the most vulnerable categories of users – children and adolescents, as well as those who protect them – parents, education and upbringing workers, experts, decision makers, social workers. Safer Internet Centre — Russia runs activities in awareness-raising, training, provides its expertise for new digital safety initiatives, runs national SID campaigns and many other things. We are the awareness centre with educational articles and videos, news and positions of experts, as well as the operator for «Russian Hotline» for takedown of illegal content, and for the «Helpline» consulting service.

You can report illegal content to the Russian Hotline HERE.